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“To me, Outfox with ergotarn filtering is the best outdoor wear system and it goes with me wherever I hunt in the world.“

Peter Braß, Business Manager Krieghoff Jagd- und Sportwaffen


"100% integration: With Outfox you are no longer perceived as a disruption of natural surroundings. Less hunting pressure and anxiety means less harm to wildlife and more ethical hunting.“

Ralf Abbas, Hunting Guide for Gräfl . v. Bernstorff‘schen Forstverwaltung in Gartow/Elbe, Germany


“Stalking a rutting stag is a real challenge. Outfox is the only way to approach deer and observe rutting events from short distances, and it is this close proximity to the game that makes for such exciting hunting.“

Oliver Kirst, business manager in Munich



“Hunting with Outfox means 100% ethical hunting: fewer complications, less disruption and short shooting distances for wild game, even with changing wind directions.“

Max Götzfried, Lawyer

“I had dreamed of bagging a strong, mature buck for a long time. Experiening the mating season from such short distance ‘eye to eye’ with the deer is something I’ll never forget. Wearing Outfox opens the door to exciting hunting experiences.“

Till Wälter, Entrepreneur


“For me, Outfox is THE ultimate hunting apparel for ethical hunting. Game is no longer disturbed by unfavourable winds, unnecessary long-distance shots are avoided and you’ve got sophisticated, perfectly-conceived hunting clothing to boot. Hunting in Outfox enables one to approach wildlife without being a disturbance.“

Andreas Irle, Director of the Red Deer hunting grounds near Grafenwöhr






“I only rely on the very best equipment for mountain hunts in Switzerland’s Valais region. My favourite is Outfox Extreme: lightweight, watertight, breathable and odour-absorbent... ideal for any weather.“

Eric von Schulthess, CEO of Swiss-Timer,
Grenchen, Schweiz


“For ethical mountain hunting in Bavaria, Outfox also offers the best available wearing comfort, fit and quality for us female hunters as well. The ability to hunt regardless of the wind direction makes approaching wild game all the easier.“

Gertrud Koch, Waffen-Koch, Kaufbeuren


“Sighting wild boars and experiencing close-range hunting success is no rarity anymore. Outfox Sportive: My choice in winter clothing for driven hunts.“

Hans-Otto Rutjes, Entrepreneur


“Outfox Performance is the ideal functional clothing in my opinion for tree stand hunts and hunts on the move in the fall and winter. Top thermal management, a perfect fit and great freedom of movement, combined with the’s great.“

Jürgen Bleilevens, Entrepreneur


“During springtime and summer hunts in the Eifel district, I wear the Outfox soft shell jacket and trousers. They are quiet, breathable and they neutralise odours...changing wind direction is no longer a problem in hunting red deer.“

Sebastian Blennemann,Silviculture student in Göttingen, Germany